INWA World Cup
Nordic Walking Half Marathon in Nagano 2019

INWA World CupNordic Walking Half Marathon
in Nagano 2019

2019.10.13 sum START!

About Nordic marathon?

Nordic Walking, born in Scandinavia, is an easy and effective fitness sport for everyone. In this tournament, we aim at 21km level crossing by Nordic walking. In the middle of October, Iizuna-Toho Plateau is a season of colored leaves. You will have a great sense of accomplishment in the goal you have walked with your own power by stepping on the larch's fallen leaves! Enjoy Nordic Walking with lots of friends! It will be held as a world cup, but everyone can enjoy it.
Note:It is not a marathon event. Please be sure to participate in Nordic walking.

Registration Deadline/3rd Sep. 2019(Fri)

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